Parks, Geoffrey C.

Crazy Years

In this second book of the trilogy about the life and adventures of Chip, we find our protagonist drawn into the wild sixties lifestyle of Waikiki, replete with hippies, prostitutes, and tourists dressed in matching Hawaiian prints. But Chip never loses a gnawing feeling that there must be something more to life. His friends from the mainland, Matt, Robby, and Greg, visit him, and their wild partying gets Chip fired from his job.

His Hawaiian sojourn ends and he returns to the mainland broke and disheartened. His life takes a better turn when he meets Mel, a beautiful dancer, and falls for her…only to find her heart belongs to another. Chip finds himself attending a Hollywood acting class with director Justin Smith, who becomes his mentor…and tells him that he has anger issues. Chip listens and ends up in therapy, only to learn the demons of his childhood are the most challenging and frightening experiences he would ever deal with. Determined to succeed, he throws himself into his acting and therapy, struggling to sort out his past, and finding new meaning and depth within himself. Eventually his money runs out, his career fizzles, and he falls into a depression, even contemplating suicide. But then he meets Cennedy, a beautiful, feisty, freckle-faced strawberry blonde, and once again he falls in love. And suddenly his whole world is turned upside down…


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