Gwendolyn Baggett

Cries In A Psalm Brought Healing

There is a purpose to every element of your life. Embrace the journey. This is the mantra Gwen Baggett has come to adopt after two decades of challenges, hard work, and self-reflection. In Cries in a Psalm Brought Healing, Baggett relates how she turned her pain into purpose and found a path to spiritual healing and personal renewal. When met with roadblocks, Baggett returned time and time again to scripture to guide her through life’s difficulties, and it was through those restorative scriptures that God revealed himself. Transformed by her experience, she is a testament to God’s healing power. An uplifting memoir, Cries in a Psalm Brought Healing reminds us that God is always at work in our lives. We just have to look for the good.


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