Yvette Wood

Crooked, Dented or Broken. Girl! Wear your Crown

There is a special feeling inside when a woman wears a crown. We feel royal, worthy, majestic, beautiful, and powerful. But what happens when that crown becomes crooked, dented, broken, or worse yet, is removed? Women are often left feeling hopeless, discouraged, unloved, with no self-love or self-worth. We attach ourselves to the wrong people thinking no one understands, thinking we can’t make it, and we give up. Don’t do it! The race is not given to the swift or to the strong, but to the one who endures to the end [Ecclesiastes 9:11].

In this inspirational and empowering faith-based self-help book, Yvette Wood offers hope and empowers women to endure to the end by taking readers along on her personal journey of using the biblical approach to overcome personal hardship to successfully wear the crown of victory. No matter if your crown is crooked, dented, or broken, never take it off! Discover how strong you are, learn to love yourself and your unique qualities, and break free from emotional abuse and self-destructive cycles.


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