Philby & Angleton

Crossroads in Time

This fascinating and groundbreaking historical novel, based on documented facts, intense research, and the author’s deep personal knowledge and experience, is a never-before-told account of the infamous relationship between the notorious British spy, Harold “Kim” Philby, and disgraced CIA Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counter Intelligence James Jesus Angleton. Commander Anthony Wells employs his considerable inside knowledge of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and the workings of their analysis operations to build a compelling case for his explosive theories.

In an exciting historical novel format, Commander Wells takes readers from WWII to the Cold War, giving wholly new insights into the true nature of the Philby-Angleton relationship, particularly when Philby was MI6’s key liaison person at the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and Philby’s defection to the Soviet Union. He explores the relationship’s effect on the climatic years of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Wells lays out the critical factors, errors of judgment, and operational blunders compounded by an abiding arrogance and the political proclivities of the inner sanctum of the CIA, that led to the 1963 tragedy in Dallas, Texas.

Readers will be drawn into the plot and storyline of this thriller cum spy story cum history, to be thrilled, educated, excited, and will draw their own conclusions about the key events revealed in the book. Readers will not want to put it down until the very last page.


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