D.S. Briggs

Daily Memos

Opportunities often come disguised as obstacles. You can climb over them or be crushed beneath them. What do you see? What is your choice? Choose well, for your future may rest on a choice you make today. There is no more time to blame others for how they did not support you or believe in you, or even abandoned you in the pursuit of your dreams. You have the power within you to overwrite any negative programming. It is time to put your name on your life!

This inspirational self-help journal is a month-long journey of wisdom and encouragement to becoming a better you, and by doing so creating a better world. D.S. Briggs uses an easy-to-read conversational tone to illustrate how to go from being an exception to being exceptional. Real life applications, both positive and negative, are used to highlight how we can all grow.


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