Anthony J. Destito

Dawn Of The Rising

The world is not what it used to be. Whether 20 days ago, 20 years ago, or 2000 years ago. Wisdom and knowledge have largely gone by the wayside due to the distractions of technology and the digital age. Sacred sciences have become so protected, spiritual connection and authentic self awareness have become so convoluted, and the inability to think deeply and independently have led us to the a world in chaos. Wars are raged, resources are manipulated, and people blindly follow the words and actions of people who are in the same boat, only with a public platform. We’ve become indoctrinated rather than educated.

In a worldly sense, the mass of humanity has no choice but to awaken to its true self or face its own destruction. Whether it be in facing the corruption seeded within every element of society, or the personal difficulties they face as a result. Social media has robbed us of the most fundamental aspect of the human experience: true interaction with others, with nature and with the world around us.

A true dawning of self realization and return to what we truly are, which is a piece of a gigantic and mysterious yet beautiful cosmic puzzle has been happening before our eyes. Sometimes in small, barely noticeable offerings, sometimes in massive shifts that are unmistakable.

Dawn Of The Rising is the author’s personal take and interpretations not only on this, but also in his personal experiences while witnessing, and being immersed in this revolutionary time in human consciousness.


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