Linda Gunther

Death is a Great Disguiser

In this page-turning, edge-of-your-seat romantic thriller, ex-police detective Brian McCallam makes a grim discovery on a muddy Santa Cruz beach bluff—a dead body. Murdered. Brian recently left the Santa Cruz PD for life as a college professor. But he can kiss goodbye his quiet life by the beach and his casual girlfriend, Ivy, when it turns out he actually knew the dead woman, and he is instantly embroiled in the investigation. When Brian meets the beguiling Savannah Romeo, a sassy COVID-19 contact tracer, another wrench is thrown into his hot mess of a life. He can’t help it. He falls for her. When things can’t get much worse, his former partner, Detective Tim Carrick, pins Brian as the prime suspect in the murder. The thing is, that same young woman supposedly died in a plane crash in the Yucatan a year ago. How could she be dead again?


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