Rachel L. Sanders

Deceit on Dorchester

The Chicago neighborhood around 76th and Dorchester has a rare quality. It is proud of being one of the few well-kept family-oriented neighborhoods on the East Side of town. However, the neighborhood experiences sudden tragedy when Felicia Blake the oldest daughter of one of the most prestigious families on the block disappears without a trace. A decade later, the tragedy repeats itself when Ms. Adley, the nurse for Felicia’s sister Charnetta who has mental challenges also disappears. It’s the investigation into Ms. Adley’s disappearance and Charnetta’s daughter Shayla’s suspicion that uncovers something sinister happening on 76th Street. Secrets aren’t the only thing that the residents are hiding. Bodies are being resurrected, lies are being told, and a deadly plot of revenge from one of the neighborhood’s least-expected residents begins to unfold.


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