Julia Doran

Defying The Odds

This emotional and inspiring memoir tells the story of how Julia Doran survived a terrible car crash where she hit a tree broadside. She was in a coma for over four weeks, resulting in traumatic brain injury. After transferring from the hospital to a rehab facility, for almost a year she began to relearn everything she had once known. After being released, she returned home to start a four-year journey through recovery with help from her wonderful, supportive family. She continued outpatient therapy, slowly transitioning from a wheelchair to a walker, then to a rollator, and finally to a cane. She talks candidly of her life before and after the accident, as well as about how her memory was affected.

Julia wants to share her story to give hope to others in similar situations who are feeling hopeless, that it is possible to recover and go on to live a fulfilling life.


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