Jasmine Turner

Deprived Expression Vibes

This is a book of poems that describes, in many instances, different situations or feelings about what someone may be going through at a moment in time. Each poem has a different mood or tone that it can gravitate to. Some examples are sexual, sad, mad/angry, happy, in love/romantic, and motivational/influential. I want people to be able to (depending on their mood that day) think about my words and pick up this book to find a poem that relates to that vibe and read it. For example, you may be dealing with drama at work. I have a poem called “Days Like This…” that may relate to the mood or feeling you are having about not getting the answers you need. You may go into a daze of reflection and wonder why and ask yourself, Why I am I not getting the response that I want? Another example is the poem called “Lie So Much.” You may be dealing with haters or liars talking bad about you, and for them to cover their own asses, they lie on you and make it seem like you are the crazy one. I want you, the reader, to be able to relate to the words because these words are true in everyday situations. I would expect my target audience to be one who will appreciate the value of the words and work and help them relate to what I am speaking about. I don’t have any books that come to mind that I can compare this one with. However, when you read these poems, you will want to read them over again. My poetry is different because it explains a lot about the ups and downs any given person can go through daily. People may be thinking these things, but they can never verbally express themselves like this. And that is the main reason why I am naming this book Deprived Expression Vibes because there is a vibe for every mood someone may be in. This book is my testament of the last thirty years of my life and especially of everything that occurred in 2020. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and free my mind of all the pent-up feelings I’ve had over the years. I literally put my foot down, and I couldn’t take the bullshit anymore. It is my way of healing the soul.


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