Rev. DR. Ken J. Gordon, Jr.

Divorced, But Still Dad

In this impactful, forward-thinking book, Rev. Dr. Ken J. Gordon, Jr. shares faith principles for divorced and divorcing fathers, emphasizing amicable co-parenting, which Rev. Gordon believes is vital for all children impacted by divorce. He speaks passionately and transparently to fathers by sharing his personal spiritual journey, the lessons he learned about himself through his own children, and why the responsibility of being an involved dad is critical to the healthy development of every child. Each chapter in the book provides powerful biblical and common-sense lessons that every man should consider, even those whose marriage is intact. It also addresses mothers and children affected by divorce, providing a glimpse into the psyche of men and their often-unspoken perspectives on fatherhood and responsibility. This book is for anyone, male or female, who is going through, has gone through, or knows someone going through the painful experience of divorce or separation. Not only do the truths in this book inform, they also heal.


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