Dustin Stull

Do You Work at the Zoo

This delightfully illustrated children’s picture book is based on the day when one of Dustin W. Stull’s (Mr. D’s) kindergarten students asked him, “Do you work at the Zoo?” In the book, the teacher begins to ponder the idea of working at the zoo and wonders what a zookeeper would actually do. How would they help the animals? What types of animals would they see? Could he be a veterinarian who helps the animals feel better? The teacher had never thought about working at a zoo, but now he thinks it would be a fun idea. He then asks the children if they would like to work at a zoo, too? This charming read-along book is a perfect way for parents, teachers, and caregivers to inspire and encourage children ages 3-6 to dream about all kinds of careers and professions.


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