Sarah Walter

Don’t Nasty My Nummy

Ricky’s mom calls him Picky because he’s such a picky eater. She even made him a cape. But Captain Picky would rather be outside. He has many animal friends, though he thinks what they eat is really nasty, gross, wrong, and yucky-looking foods, and he tells them so. When he tells his mom, she says those were very mean words. We all eat different foods and shouldn’t be bullied for it. Ricky hadn’t ever thought about it that way. He was really sorry he’d hurt his friends’ feelings. The next day he apologizes to them all. He decides to be more openminded to different types of food, and asks his mom to please make him a new cape that just says Ricky. A delightfully illustrated children’s book perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers to open a conversation with kids ages 4-10 about food diversity, kindness, bullying, and understanding.


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