Gasper, Carl J.

Dream That Came True

The reason for writing this book is to share with the world my personal lifetime stories and experiences that changed my life forever. Being brought up in a little steel town called Pittsburgh, pursuing my dreams, interacting with some of the sports greats like Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux, like Pittsburgh Steelers Jerome Bettis, and Rod Woodson, Pittsburgh Pirates like Willie Stargell, and Jim Leyland, meeting and enjoying the company of celebrities like Bruce Willis, Michael Jackson, Wayne Newton, and so many other famous people that we idolized while growing up watching them on television. Playing golf with Dean Martin, Sylvester Stallone, watching Bruce Willis drinking a beer and jamming with a local group at a popular bar on the south side of Pittsburgh called Mario’s. Being invited to have dinner with Tim Conway and his crew. There was a time I drove a limousine with ‘Moses’ in the back, the one and only Charleston Heston. Meeting and being of service to my idols in the world of golf Being with legends like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, esg.

A great thing about the world we live in. Anything can be accomplished with hard work, setting goals, building a team and having faith in your God to help your success.

So enjoy my stories and experiences and always remember that the people we look up to and idolize are just people like you and I.


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