Bette Tomaino

Duggan the Dragon

Duggan is a dragon who lives under the water in a city called Venice in Italy. Venice is very unique because it doesn’t have streets, it has canals, and people travel around in boats. Everyone in Venice is afraid of Duggan because of his scary looks…they just don’t realize he is actually very friendly! On one strange, very cold night, it snows in Venice. The next morning all the water is frozen and the people cannot move their boats. But they have to get to school and to work! They don’t know what to do. Just then, Duggan breaks through the ice and sees that the people need his help. He tells them to stand back, and then he huffs and puffs, and his hot breath and fire melt the ice. The people are overjoyed. Duggan is a hero! So they make him an honorary citizen of Venice.


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