D.L. Duncan

Dying with Dignity

Did you ever go to a friend’s home for dinner, and everything was in order for your arrival? The table was set and the food ready for an evening of enjoyment among friends? Or, in the reverse, arrived to find your host and hostess unprepared to welcome you for the evening you had thought would be an enjoyable encounter? – Often due to extenuating circumstances through no fault of theirs. I have had the dubious opportunity of experiencing both. And I hate to admit, been on the hostesses’ side of the situation a few times. Being prepared is planning ahead with thoughtful organization and management for the comfort of those involved. So why not prepare for our final farewell? It may not be as easy as giving a party, but it can be a lovely way to say goodby to those you care about. This is the story of how I came to realize it is important (at least to me) to be prepared for my death in a way that will put the least burden on those left “to do the dirty work”. Here are a few ideas on how you might make your final farewell more organized, less expensive and stressful for those you leave behind. Giving time and space to grieve your departure more meaningfully.


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