William R. McKenzie, Jr.

Embrace the Chaos, Enjoy the Journey

Why do so many students leave high school and college lacking basic but crucial leadership skills and attributes? And why do so many young people hit a progress wall early in their careers? Business executive and entrepreneur Bill McKenzie believes there is an unmistakable common denominator to both the educational and corporate chaos we continue to witness in this country: a lack of fundamental leadership skills that were never learned and embraced at school, therefore never carried forward into one’s personal and business life.

Aimed specifically at middle and high school students and teachers, as well as young adults just entering the business world, McKenzie’s timely book presents essential leadership attributes and behaviors every young person should embrace, regardless of career goals. These are not luxury, nice-to-have attributes, but critical concepts that will provide them with a distinct competitive advantage in our high-velocity global economy. Leadership is not a spectator sport. McKenzie offers a forward-thinking approach to teaching what is missing in much of the American business world, giving young people the tools to create meaningful change as they enter a chaotic and disruptive global economy, while moving them toward a more balanced, productive, and fulfilling life.


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