Caleigh Willis


This exciting YA sci-fi novel is about the adventures of Veronica Stanley after she learns there is much more to her than she ever knew. Veronica and her sister, Sandy, who was born a couple of years after Veronica was adopted, go to check out a recently crashed asteroid, and are met by two Grienoxian teens, Devan and Cassie. Veronica learns from them that she is not from Earth, she is really Princess Energia from the planet Grienox-the Jewel of Grienox, as she is known throughout the universe. She was sent away from their planet during an invasion by the Armorin Army in hopes that she would one day return to free her people. The asteroid was in reality a bounty hunter’s ship, that told the Armorin Army where she was. Learning to use her Grienoxian abilities and training to fight, Veronica joins the Grienoxian-Earth Alliance, made up of Grienoxians who had come to Earth fleeing the invasion. Zak Cade is an Armorin soldier recruited as a Freedom Fighter sent to Earth to protect the Jewel, all while keeping his true identity secret. The attack from the Armorins is soon at hand and the battle begins… Veronica learns not to question the decisions of the past, but instead to be thankful for them and move forward, while Zak learns that even though his past may be rotten, it doesn’t mean his future will be. A positive, fun read that will have readers falling in love with the characters.


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