Tammy Lee Joseph

Eskimo Kisses

Tammy is a courageous woman, who has dedicated her life for being a voice for animals. She is captivated by a life full of danger. Follow her on a rollercoaster of twists and turns. Surprises around every corner. Isabelle, her close friend and Luke, a skilled veterinarian, accompany her on heroic missions. She finds herself swept away in an erotic passion that draws her to Luke. Will she have the courage to reveal to him the love she has always carried imprisoned within her heart or will her faint heartlessness fall silent? Join her through breathtaking moments. Follow her as she spirals downward… once strong, now broken. Through tragedy comes something beautiful. An event she never imagined would change her life forever. Who will be the one to melt her heart? Will it be the love from Luke? Friendship from Isabelle or maybe the strong bond formed with a canine? Find out in Eskimo Kisses.


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