Ophelia Ortiz

Faith, Filled, Spoken

The life of the prophet/prophetess is usually filled with more rejection, family conflict, and financial struggle than the average individual. As children, we are frequently misunderstood and perceived as strange, awkward, and rebellious. As a result of this perception, the young and developing prophet/prophetess too often feel alienated among family members, and unrecognized by the body of Christ.

Today, we are living in a time where the office of the prophet/prophetess is still not fully nurtured or accepted in the body of Christ. In the secular world, the psychic is accepted more than the prophet. So, this increases the prophet’s need for a more personal relationship with God than ever before. At all times, the prophet/prophetess needs to know who they are in the eyes of God. In 2 Peter 1:10, Peter states that we must make sure of our calling and election.

Faith, Filled, Spoken is about my spiritual growth in faith, experiencing the love and fulfillment of the Holy Spirit, and learning how to hear and receive God’s spoken word. It is a journal filled with my daily conversations and supernatural encounters with the Almighty God. Most of all, Faith, Filled, Spoken is an implication of God’s forever living presence.


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