Vivian Burns

Family Secrets

I am a mom, grandma, wife, and a Domestic Violence Survivor.
I live one day at a time, and this book tells things from my life growing up in an abusive home, marrying an abuser and just trying to get through another day which was not an easy no matter how I tried. Working three jobs to care for my children, and always running on empty facing one struggle after another. Dealing with a daughter with a drug addiction and then having to raise her child with no complaints, helping her to get through the struggle of having parents who are addicts and finally following the road our God has me on. I first met my now husband the summer of 1970, for me it was love at first site, seven years went by I forgot him, then we met again in 1978. I had my baby six weeks prier to seeing him funny thing is it took a bit and we started connecting the path we were on? We started dating I was married but I didn’t care I became pregnant we split he called it a brake he would check on me from, time to time. He did get married, but he was married to an abuser also, one day I get a phone call his mom asked me what have, you been waiting for years, I said for your son to grow up, she said he wants to talk with you. This was in 1990 this being after an almost ten-year brake, we were married in 1995 and we are still going strong, been through so much together the loss of our parents all the trials and tribulations were stronger than ever.


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