J.C. Phifer

Finding God

Finding God breaks all the rules by teaching you what modern day religious leaders and churches fail to speak about. It is a no holds bar teaching of the old time religion written by Paul the apostle. Finding God is simple and directly leads you into the truth of what God’s letter to us, the Holy Bible actually says. What really happened in the garden of Eden. Who Cain’s father really was. The first age of the earth when the dinosaurs roamed and why it was destroyed and made void for this earth age. Who the giants in the Bible really are. The real reason for the flood of Noah’s time. What happens in the end times and what to look for so you will not be deceived by the Antichrist. What is the mark of the beast is and how not to receive it nor be deceived. How ufos are implied into God’s word. If you are truly seeking to find your Heavenly Father then this book will lead you into the right direction of his outreached saving hands.


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