Jennifer Preteroti

Finding Me

Do you find yourself asking, “who am I” or look at where you are in your life and think, “how did I get here?” Th ese are questions all of us can relate to at one time or another. There exists in us an innate desire to belong, to answer the question of identity and purpose. In her book, “Finding Me”, the author details some of the personal struggles and challenges that led her to searching for and ultimately finding the answer to those questions. The author uses personal illustrations to enable the reader to relate based upon the struggles all their own and ultimately to find an answer to those questions which not only gives a purpose but an overwhelming sense of freedom, peace and gratitude. Don’t let the story of your past be the story of your future. You aren’t a label that someone else gave you. You were fashioned and created by the Almighty God and He already knows all of your story including the good, bad, and ugly and He has a plan and purpose to work all of that into the plan He has already set forth for you. It’s up to you to allow Him to reveal your true identity as a child of God. He can use your pain and struggles to become your testimony. So, come and take this journey and see the transformation power of God in your own personal life as you read these pages and use this as an inspiration to embark on your own personal walk and revelation of just how beautiful your story can be.


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