Marie Stewart

Finding the Strength to Prevail

Four young girls have it all until experiences in their lives change everything.

Sara loses her mother when she is six years old and is taken from the loving arms of her aunt to live with her biological father who lacks the knowledge of how to raise a child. This leaves Sara to suffer hunger, neglect, and abuse as she learns how to survive on her own.

Michele is spunky and full of life, living her dream as she excels in the art of dance. Her parents are loving and supportive but are also very protective. One night, Michele sneaks out when her mother will not allow Michele to do things the rest of her teenage friends enjoy. This leads to a traumatic experience that changes Michele’s outlook on life.

Agisa is sassy and lives in an exquisite neighborhood in NYC, spoiled with expensive gifts. Her life changes forever when her parents choose her father’s career over raising Agisa, leaving her to be raised by nannies. She releases feelings of abandonment by acting out with the aspiration to find love and acceptance.

Elizabeth revels in making her parents proud, indulging in their constant praise. Her world is turned upside down when her parents find freedom with friends and parties, leaving Elizabeth with the overwhelming responsibility of taking care of her five siblings in a small, rundown apartment.

Eventually, these four girls meet when they attend the same high school, finding the family in one another they all have been seeking.


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