Richard P. Mattione

Follow the Money

The U.S. Federal Reserve and other central banks have been exuberantly printing money for much of the last decade, with treasuries and finance ministries vigorously ladling it out. Yet only recently has all that money put inflation fears back in the headlines.

This informative and important book by economist and investor Richard P. Mattione highlights the paths the monies have taken, and shows how too generous a Federal Reserve policy is spilling over into inflation and into financial market excesses. Quotes from, among others, the original Keynesian, an American president, and a 19th century stock market manipulator will guide the reader’s journey through macroeconomic policy and its so far modest effects on inflation. The trail then turns to the financial markets where the Fed largesse has been spilling over. Not just old-style bonds and stocks, but moon shot memes, SPACs, crypto- and digital currencies will all be visited.


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