Ann Cofield

Follow the Ribbons, Missy

Come along with Moria and the folks in Cherry Valley as they plan for an event in their community. On the Fourth of July, Jada announces that the local horse people will host an endurance ride. Soon the riders learn there are only three months to prepare 25 miles of trails in the National Forest. Things get hectic, both on the trails and in relationships as the summer unwinds. True to form, Jada wants all the glory and none of the responsibility. The planning falls to Moria, and her friend Maxine, who want to be sure the ride is a success. Their husbands, Jackson and Jeremy and the horse community are soon roped into preparations. As trail issues face the managers, the new Forest Ranger becomes a valued ally. Two young girls, who witnessed a murder, are sheltering in place at Rodney’s farm, guarded by a member of the US Marshall Service. The youngsters are learning to be cowgirls and much more! A grumpy old guy with an inholding in the National Forest must be persuaded to let the ride come through his property. What is he growing in the hen house besides poinsettias? Will sparks fly between Moria and Jackson’s old flame when she attends the ride and camps in their pasture? The Cherry Valley Ride comes to an unexpected finish as lives and relationships change in this sequel to Put Your Boots On, Missy.


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