Patrick Filan

FOOTPRINT Our Waterfront History of Bayville, New Jersey

This book was written to document a small piece of our local waterfront history in Bayville, N.J., . before it is completely gone. I am not an historian. I am just a homeowner with a strong interest in preserving our local history. This book contains the research information from many, well-qualified people, that I have organized, added information to, corrected and verified. Many of the people covered in this book have a wealth of interesting information about them that is well worth looking into further. Hopefully this will help to reintroduce them and the information back into our local waterfront history. Some of the research was motivated by the paranormal activity on the estate’s property, which is also included. I wrote this as a foundation to be built on, with the names of many families and events from the past. My hope is that it will spark newfound information and more details from our past. I hope you enjoy it.


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