J.R. Bacon


Hal Steiner sees his Mars Colonization Mission as a way to promote Steiner Industries. He has already sent astronauts to Mars. They prepared some of the operational structures for the future colony. This has given him lots of media coverage. Yet, there are serious challenges with this project. The cost has been over three billion dollars. Further, Hal’s project astrophysicist, Doctor Milo Pilgrim, a professor at Michigan Southern College, is mostly focused on obtaining a University of Michigan professorship. He even resorts to murder. Then, with the project within three years of completion, Hal is contacted via his iPad by Medon Aten. This man claims to be a descendent of the Mayan people who lived on Mars 11,500 years ago. Aten wants this mission stopped because the surface of Mars contains artifacts of ancient Mayan culture. He even threatens to shut down the American electrical grid. Hal’s project is doomed. One night, when he’s out running, Hal happens upon a woman sitting on a bench in Maumee Park. He stops to speak to her. From this moment on, Hal Steiner’s life changes completely.


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