Violet Lisle

Forty-Nine Days to Pentecost

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. He created all souls. And the reason He created the earth was so that each soul He had created could choose God or Satan. If a soul chooses to follow Satan and lives a sinful life, can that soul, or any soul, be re-incarnated?

Kerri Webster had just presented and won the ‘con’ side of this debate. She believes that there is only one life on this earth. In the next debate she needs to present the ‘pro’ side. She’s wondering how she’s going to prove that souls can be re-incarnated when she steps out the side door of the auditorium, misses the top step, falls, and hits her head on a rock. When she opens her eyes, she is looking into the eyes of Jesus. She is no longer Kerri Webster. She is Judas Iscariot, who in three days will lead the authorities to Jesus.

The reader will get to experience those three days in the body of Judas. They will know if Judas was chosen by God and a partner with Jesus to fulfill God’s plan for the salvation of souls or was Judas being controlled by the devil, and what happened to Judas’ soul? While in this state of mind, God reveals to Kerri facts of a document hidden all those years ago that give the details of what really transpired between Caiphas and Judas, and how Judas became the most notorious villian of all times. The consternation of Kerri, that God has not revealed this document to the world, is the thread that weaves through the ‘Trilogy of Exoneration’.

Also woven into the pages of these books is the overall truth that there is: Only one God, one life, and one Way to live again.


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