Adrienne Watkins

Fransie Changes with Laughter

In this coming-of-age historical family drama, twelve-year old Fransie learns her family is leaving rural Halifax, Virginia and moving to New York City. This starts her on an emotional roller coaster.

The only life Fransie knows is the country with its farm animals’, trees, dirt roads and living in a one family house. But now she’s forced to accept living in a city filled with traffic lights, cement sidewalks and attending an interracial school.

How will Fransie cope with this major challenge in her life?

Fransie’s humorous and outgoing family play a supporting role in helping her to adjust to city living.

She has a loving Papa and Mama who relish reliving their love story. Larry, her older brother who is sometimes clueless. He has discovered the excitement of dancing at the Savoy and Palladium ballrooms. Fransie has discovered he now has three girlfriends and hoping to keep them away from each other. Fransie plans to keep her brother’s secret, but in case of emergency she may have to use this secret weapon to get what she wants from him. Vivy, her older sister who has just graduated from high school is dating a solder named Huey and does not want her parents to know because she’s leaving for college. She’s trying to hide her dating from Fransie. Eileen, her younger sister makes friends with the girls from Sugar Hill. She sneaks out with them adding to Fransie’s anxiety.

Fransie’s life is filled with changes and excitement. She’s introduced to a cast of colorful characters like Lipstick O’Leary, Darwin the Square, Moving Mouth Mohanna, the mysterious Rupert and others that add sometimes drama, but also chuckles and laughter to her young life.

Fransie’s story of change concludes with an ending that even surprises her!


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