John R Laubenstein

From Falling Apples to the Universe

We all encounter gravity every day, but most people have little understanding of what gravity actually involves. We learned about Newton in high school, but that interpretation is not a complete description of gravity. However, those interested in the subject quickly learn that the math used in our modern explanation of gravity (General Relativity) is overwhelming, suggesting that gravity can only be truly understood by highly trained scientists and mathematicians.

The author rejects that notion. He believes gravity can be understood by all and can be scientifically explained using words in lieu of the complicated math.

Gravity is a significant force around us, therefore our understanding of it is important to make sense of the universe in which we all live. The universe is constantly changing, and those changes that are not fully understood influence what we think we see when we look far away-to the past. This book offers a unique path for exploring gravity and gravitation and introduces exceptional ways to think about the subject.

Each aspect of gravity and gravitation is clearly explained, and the reader is guided through every step as ideas are developed into scientific models. These models are then used to explore how gravity and gravitation may have shaped the universe.

The book has a potential audience far beyond students and academic environments. The author’s goal is to provide a real science book that is of interest to the general reader but will also hold the interest of experts in the field.


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