William Furman

from Slave to Soldier to Servant

from Slave to Soldier to Servant is a saga of first century Roman military exploits, of love and family, and daily life, all told with believable dialogue. The story revolves around a man named Titus Cornelius, who advances through the layers of society, experiencing some twist and turns along the way. The beginning builds a background for the major characters. The main character, Cornelius, begins life in submission. He gains freedom to become a Roman soldier, whose fighting skills provide a path to become a Centurion and later, marries. Neither he, nor the woman he marries, have love in their hearts at the time, but love sprouts and grows. Then an obsession to find answers to profound questions, becomes the focal point of the narrative. However uncontrollable events thwart the success of this obsession. Yet it does result in a meeting with a man who changes Cornelius’ life and he willingly takes on a life of submission. The story concludes with an inspirational message.


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