Annick Lebenns

From Tears to Laughter

This raw, emotional, but ultimately inspirational memoir is Annick Lebenns’ story. As a child in Africa she was broken from the inside out. Many times she did not have food to eat due to her irresponsible father. The misery she was living in made her attempt suicide many times. She also tells of sexual abused by her half-brother and about his death, and her mother’s death two years later. The only thing her mother left her was God. Her mother taught her how to pray, to hear from God, and read the bible. When she was 12 years old God told her that He would wipe her tears away. Even in the darkest times the presence of God never left Annick and He never stopped loving her. Through out her journey He was trying to teach her how to trust, and look to His will to guide her. It wasn’t easy. But today this memoir is Annick’s testimony that God has indeed wiped her tears away. She is free in her new country, and most of all she has learned to rely on Him alone. Nothing is better than the love of God and a solid relationship with Him.


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