Joyce Key

From Where I Stand

The beauty industry has changed a lot during the lives of baby boomers, but one thing that hasn’t is the human connections made between hairdressers and their customers. While delivering beauty, a stylist also delivers creativity, inspiration, hope, and kindness to every person who sits in their chair. And if you need advice or a shoulder to cry on, your hairstylist will be there for you…and make sure you look good along the way.

This inspirational memoir follows Joyce Ann Key as she grows up and comes into her own in the hair salon with her mom in the 60s,70s, and 80s. Her stories are fun, nostalgic, full of hope and faith, along with the many emotions enjoyed in the relational side of the industry.

Joyce Ann Key is married and the mom of 3 grown sons. She is a career hairstylist, and an autism advocate. When she’s not working at her salon in Keller, Texas, she’s spending time with friends, family, or volunteering at her church as a greeter. Joyce resides in her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.


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