George Depuy

Future Humans

Jace is happily married with two beautiful children, yet he is plagued by recurring awakenings at 3:33 each night. Mysterious dreamlike images of other beings enter his mind. Family tensions follow. Unbeknownst to Jace, he is being transported through time from his life in the 21st century to the 31st century as part of a heroic effort by Future Humans to save the planet from total devastation. Using time travel, Future Humans are cleaning up the planet and restoring plant and animal life using hybrid technology. Once he comes to understand the scope of this monumental endeavor, he is asked to serve as an agent for their stealth missions and actions that will positively alter history. Can Jace assist in righting past wrongs and save humanity from its fate? Is there hope for the future? A sobering reminder of the very real dangers we face as a society, Future Humans invites readers to envision a world in which the past and the future coexist and collaborate to save planet Earth.


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