R.T. Oliver

Ghosts of Sekhemru

Over 400 years have passed since Dragon Wolf resurrected and went through his trials on Earth. After falling in love and reproducing with a human, Dragon Wolf’s descendants on Earth now carry the Gene of the Gods. Years before Rayne’s birth, his mother, Omarosa, received a gift from her father, Dr. Reno Palmer. After cracking the code to Imhotep’s magical puzzle, the prize for Omarosa’s hard work was two rings. Keeping a promise he’d made, Dr. Palmer now returns to Egypt to search for the merchant who sold him the puzzle. When he is not on his flight home, Omarosa travels to Egypt to look for him. While in Egypt, Dragon Wolf locates and explains to Omarosa that she is a descendant of the royal family of Planet Sekhemru. After informing her that her firstborn child, Rayne, will be the first of many “Ghosts of Sekhemru,” Dragon Wolf gives her the task of protecting the ruby ring until the child’s birth. When a new wealthy underground organization catches wind of the ring’s power, they hire ruthless mercenaries in a desperate attempt to gain possession of the ring before anyone else can. But the greed of one mercenary jeopardizes the entire mission and changes the fate of the entire world.


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