Rachel Mahnke

Grandmothers Raising Their Grandchildren

This empowering and transformative book by Rachel Mahnke is important self-help for grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren, mothers who have addicted adult children, and grieving mothers looking to find hope. In the chapters of the book you find tools to conquer guilt and shame while learning to speaking truth to the lies we are led to believe. The book is a self-guided course on finding a new normal, transforming your mindset, and regaining your life.

Each chapter is set up to connect the heart and spirit. During the course, your personal toolbox will be filled with many resiliency tools, giving you a transformational growth mindset. Readers will be challenged to dig deeper into each concept and then begin to create their own transformational pathway. Throughout, Rachel shares the story of her own journey and what she has learned during each season of growth. Her faith and tools that she gained on her prayerful journey brought her closer to God. If you have the desire to grow closer to God, He will definitely draw closer to you.

The course study can be done on your own, but going through it together in a group often brings about more insight, growth, and change. The main goal of the course is to encourage women to find peace and purpose in their new reality, to connect with other likeminded women, and to create a life they desire to live. Come with an open mind and allow yourself to take in new information and set new goals for yourself, for there is healing for the brokenhearted. It a book that will empower women to choose a life that feels whole and beautiful again.


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