Cathleen Hamill (Author), Kristofer Kelso (Author), Layla Aziz (Illustrator)

Grin and Bear It

What on earth is a pandemic, and why are our friends in the Forest of Inclusion afraid to come out? Those are big questions that greatly bother best friends Grin Bear, Ping the Panda, Kooper Kangaroo, Tomas Toucan, and Wahbiba Warthog. They strike out through the forest looking for answers…but find none. Finally, wise Gramma Bear teaches them what a pandemic is and how to stay safe using masks, washing paws, and taking care of one another from a distance.

This delightfully illustrated children’s book aimed at ages 3-7 will take away the mystery of a pandemic so children know what it is, and how they can feel safe while using healthy precautions.

Grin and Bear It is the second book in a series with the same characters, who ask questions about current topics.


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