M.K. Anthony

Guardians of Destiny

The exciting story continues of soulmates Leelah Bayard and Dogan Ramstien, who serve as the main guardians of King Bryce and Queen Rosa of Altecia. As they let go of the previous friction between them and become one, they complete their first step toward their destiny. Leelah is part of a group the Fae call God’s Elect. As she and Dogan, along with their royal guard companions Rowan and Sterling, discover new ways to use their powers, they learn about their heritage and the connection they have to the Fae. Prince Calum of Salvatoria arrives at Burreck Castle to ask the king for help to dethrone his brother. When Dogan, Sterling, and the majority of the royal guard leave for war, Leelah remains in Burreck City to watch over the queen. A year later, just before the men come home from the war, soldiers from Salvatoria try to kidnap Leelah. But can she get away before it’s too late?

In a world and time where women don’t have much say in anything, Leelah proves she can work just as hard as any man, maybe even better.


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