William "Warsaw"Wydra Sr.

Half the Lies I Tell Aren’t True

When Willie was a first grader, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, he built a log cabin out of Lincoln Logs that was so professionally made, that his parents were summoned to school to see it, along with the principal and the entire student body. It was decided that he was too smart to be in first grade, and they immediately moved him up to second grade. The model was an exact replica of the full-size house he would physically build thirty years later, without any drawings or plans, only from memory.

Come along with Willie on the funny, entertaining, human-interest story of a boy on a mountain with a dog as his best friend, going through all the trails of young life, eventually ending up owning two multi-million-dollar businesses, while testing your talent in solving the until-now unsolvable EGO1 quiz. Journey with him through his life and see how from an early age he was aware of things most people wouldn’t ever think of, and maybe he will expand your thoughts in a way that you might think back in time and realize some of the mysteries in your own mind weren’t actually mysteries at all. Test your talent in solving the until-now unsolvable EGO1 quiz.


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