Pitch Mirabelle

he Annotated Anthology of Lost & Found Literature, Vol. 3

A man turns into a giant rat to the distress of both his real and crime families. The greatest amateur cozy mystery sleuth solves a dreadful murder as she arranges the details of her knitting group and bake club get-togethers. A famous prognosticator from the middle ages foretells of a 21st century man jumping over the Grand Canyon on roller skates. A young orphan boy follows a path that takes him through thinly disguised Victorian novels. A psychology experiment creates a lost work of William Shakespeare. The world’s very first novel with subtitles and ticker tape scrolls is written in the 15th century. Partial fragments from ancient written works reveal the clandestine creative talents of their famous authors.

What do all these stories have in common? They are all literary compositions created by historical figures narrowly taught to us as only regents, scientists, soldiers, and saints. All these works were once lost in the mists of time, but now have been found thanks to the relentless efforts of T. E. Winchester, Esq.

This book presents these opuses to provide both insight and inspiration to the modern reader. Consult with your physician to find out if insight and inspiration are right for you. If so, this book is a must have.


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