Coach Shonda McCray

He Should Have Left Me

This raw and compelling but highly inspirational memoir is the story of how Shonda McCray healed from her emotional trauma of being molested, raped, and abused as a child, which set her on a very dark path of self-hate and looking for love in the wrong places. Shonda talks about being a PK kid and the issues she had with her mother and the church. She tells how heaven sent her true love when she did not want to accept it. Her future husband found her broken and angry, but during their courtship he endured her hardships, and was patient, kind, and loving. He loved her unconditionally, scars and all. When other people doubted their relationship, despite everything, he did not. He took a chance on a scared girl who ended up turning into a powerful woman. Much thanks to his love, she made the transition from the dark place in her life to a far lighter place, and found God in the middle of it.

So many people believe in generational curses. How can one break them? Shonda believes it’s through forgiving the people in your past that allows you to have a better future. She wants readers to see how she forgave those who hurt and abandoned her, and opened her hurt to love even when she didn’t really know what love looked like. Know that there is love out there even if you are damaged. There is a soulmate as well as God.


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