Maria Tirone

Heartbeat of A Dreamer

Maria Tirone’s widely diverse poetry tells stories of love, life, loss, joy, passion, heartache, triumph, and resilience. They are all about finding true peace, joy, and freedom. She writes about things that she is passionate about, revealing her heart and most deeply-rooted emotions. She writes about the beauty of romance, of being deeply in love and never wanting it to end. She writes about breaking up and letting go, about family, and triumph over sadness, despair, and illness, about loneliness, spirituality, and pure joy.

From dark to uplifting, many of her poems were born from experiences lived, and the amazing individuals who have crossed her path on this incredible journey of life. With pen in hand, words flow, dancing in her mind. She wants to touch readers’ hearts and move their emotions with words that are thought-provoking and inspirational.

Maria believes we all have the power to overcome adversity with a strong faith and belief in ourselves. Self-love is key. She wants readers to feel empowered after reading her poetry, and to know if they are struggling they are not alone, and that it is okay to feel sad. Without tears, we could not feel immense joy. She hopes to inspire readers to be themselves-unique, beautiful, and flawed. Dreams do come true. We just have to believe in ourselves…


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