Karen Sidney-Plummer

Hooray for Maui

Aloha, from the golden retriever named Maui! RUFF, do I have a remarkable story to tell!

People say I am the cutest little golden retriever ever with a heart of gold! Although I was born with kidney disease, it is not stopping me from living a normal life. My life is full of fun, joy, excitement, and love. Yes, I have challenges too, but the challenges teach me to make the most out of every day. The funny thing is, the more challenges I have, the more fun I seem to find. It will be exciting to see what each year brings. I hope I can put a big smile on your face as you find a special place in your heart for me.

This is the beginning of my Hooray for Maui’s Life Series. My books will provide a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and grow together. You will get to meet my friends and laugh along with our playful adventures.

Be sure to add my website www.HoorayforMaui.com to your favorites. It will be so much fun for us to interact! You will get to enjoy photos, blogs, follow my adventures, and play games, so be sure to sign up for my emails.


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