Charles Uro

Hope Truth Art & Joy

About the front cover drawing:
Adam and Eve after the Fall
The greater the fall to death and darkness
The greater the rise to life and light

My parents told me that when I was first able to walk, I immediately began dancing and they saw an artist at work. They were amazed by my love for dance and my innocence. But for some unknown reason, since my first day at school, I became a victim of bullying. It shattered my spirit, from first grade to eighth grade. I found it difficult to fit in. I could not understand it. Did I have a sign on my head saying, “I am victim, come bully me.” I was always alone, in the cafeteria, on the playground, and walking home from school. I became very lonely, and it was not until high school when I was finally accepted. I was introduced to pot and became a member of the “Freaks on Freak Street.” But that began a huge negative spiral down a dark path and within one year I was a full-fledged drug addict and alcoholic. And the only friend I truly had was darkness until the age of twenty-eight. My life changed from the lowest despicable creature to the most successful person I have ever been in my life. It’s now 2022 and I now have thirty-two years of sobriety. That is a miracle. However, no person should ever be bullied. It can destroy and kill a person. My fall was great, but because of God and professionals, I was able to rise above the death and darkness and stand in life and light. This is my journey, and I am united with all who have been bullied and abused. I understand and I know how you feel. This book is dedicated to all of you, and I pray you will rise quickly to life and light.


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