Diana C Gill

How to Survive Ghosts, Dolls and Fresco Falls

Delia Sanchez, currently a hospitality manager and part owner of the Loring Boutique Hotel in Santa Clotilde, California, is once again forced to use her training from her previous job at the LAPD to help those she loves. Delia’s boyfriend has disappeared during a trip back home to Fresco Falls, Florida. Braving a hurricane, Delia arrives in south Florida only to realize that her boyfriend has hidden important aspects of his life. For example, a Caribbean plantation-style family estate situated amid a swamp, his leadership of a multi-national conglomerate, and an alligator named Frederico. Things go from bad to worse as Delia becomes entangled with crooked corporate execs, deadly snakes, a voodoo priestess, and raising the dead at a local cemetery. Will she survive to save the love of her life? Book two of the Delia Sanchez Mystery series, a funny, relatable, and at times creepy cozy mystery.


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