Harry MachDuff

Humanity’s Struggle: Book 1

In this action-packed thriller with a sci-fi twist, Dr. Jason Harris is a former navy seal. His ex-wife, Carla, was also a seal, and back then they used to run black ops together, including some crazy stuff involving possible alien AI artifacts found in New Mexico. A different op involved a Japanese general, Dennis Yang, who tried to developed a serum to turn humans into super soldiers, which ended in catastrophe. Yang based his research on a book which has gone missing. Yang is determined at any cost to find the book and redeem his reputation. Jason has remarried, but after being gone for 18 years Carla returns. She knows where Yang’s missing book is. She also knows that Yang is surveilling Jason and his new family, so she goes to warn them…but arrives too late. Dennis has kidnapped Jason’s son, Brian, and left his daughter crippled. Jason is deadly furious, so he and Carla, plus a handful of U.S. government agents, go after Dennis. They capture him, but he tells them Brian escaped a while back and Dennis doesn’t know where he is. An AI artifact plan to force Brian to retrieve it from the underground CIA vaults at Langley. However, an alien race known as the REI lands on earth with a mission to help humanity for now to defend against the Kilgore, a full domination species they are sweepingthroughthe system. The REI contact Brian, and his friends, and pressed them to join their intergalactic forces…


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