Brian J. Tally

I Didn’t Choose This Job, It Chose Me!

The story of Brian Tally is one of sacrifice, failure of our system, gross neglect, selflessness, dishonesty, manipulation, and ultimately perseverance against all the odds.As you read the story about my brother’s journey, I hope you can find inspiration that no matter how bad your situation is there is always hope, people who love you, and a chapter yet to be written.Brian and I started this journey when we were told by the head of the Veterans Affairs Legal Department that his case wasn’t the first, won’t be the last, and if you want to change it go ahead and contact your political representative.The arrogance, deflection, lack of sympathy, or desire to fix the problem spring boarded Brian and me into this eye-opening journey. I charged Brian with changing the law. I said, “We will change the law and call it the Tally Bill.”Brian was completely set up by the VA to fail; there’s no way he should have been able to do what he accomplished. My mission was to change the subject for him and keep him busy and focused on something that he could control. His new mission was to right the wrong, change the narrative, and forever change the way our veterans are provided for in our country.My mission was to keep him occupied; never did I imagine that he’d see it all the way through and what it would morph into. I couldn’t be prouder of my brother, who he is, who he has become, and the relationship he’s created with God.Enjoy the journey you’re about to go upon, and watch how a gung-ho Marine veteran went from running a successful landscaping company to walking the halls of Congress.Brian never served in overseas combat; Brian’s combat came in the tune of walking the halls of Congress, countless phone calls and emails, and years of pain that continues today, all while fighting to make sure this never happens again.His combat mission was fought on US soil against the tyranny of our government systems, and he succeeded. Sometimes you choose a calling in life, and sometimes a calling chooses you.I love you, brother, and I’m so proud of you and everything you have accomplished! Respectfully,Scott Tally / USAF Combat Veteran


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