Naunihal Gill

I May Be Small but I Am a Lion at Heart

I May Be Small but I Am a Lion at Heart is a short, rhyming children’s book narrated by a premature baby in the NICU. The baby’s encouraging words to his mom gives positivity and courage to parents who often experience an emotional roller coaster watching their little ones hooked up to monitors, tubes, and lying in incubators in the NICU. Nihal Gill, the author, was born seventeen years ago as a preemie. He spent two and a half months in the NICU and was inspired to write this book after hearing his mom recount the emotional roller coaster she experienced during his NICU stay. In writing this book Nihal would like to stress the importance of reading to preemies because of better mental and cognitive development. Through this book, he conveys hope and courage to parents with newborns in the NICU and hopes it will relieve some of the anxiety parents experience during the time their children are in the hospital. He wants them to have hope that their tiny miracles will be okay and come out of the NICU healthy and strong just as he did. All proceeds of the book will be donated to March of Dimes and The Tiny Miracles Foundation.


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