Rebecca Cupcake Tinnes

I Will Take You Home

Comically narrated by Rebecca “Cupcake” Tinnes, this moving and inspiring collection of animal rescue stories begins in the late nineties when Rebecca discovers a neighboring high-kill animal shelter. Her short, meaningful, and entertaining stories share how and why she created a nonprofit dedicated to saving cats and dogs at the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Most importantly, her essays enlighten and invite readers to help our country become a no-kill nation. The stories fluctuate from experiencing overwhelming emotions in a high-kill shelter to the laugh-out-loud insanity of living with a houseful of animals and the humor she used to survive it. These are the memorable, meaningful stories of one woman’s determination to make a difference for the cats and dogs on death row. This book celebrates the caring people who made it possible by saving thousands of animal lives, and spaying and neutering over 20,000 animals (and counting) across Wyoming. This book is for everyone who loves animals and those looking for inspiration to do more. Every type of pet owner, animal rescuer and shelter worker is sure to rejoice when they read how seemingly insurmountable difficulties were overcome with the tremendous power of love.


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